“As a veteran with PTSD and Bipolar disorder, I started to work with Felicitas in a coaching context to complement conventional treatment by adding contemplative practices. Felicitas has an uncanny intuition and  has ” prescribed ” an array of  personalized  contemplative practices such as measured breathing and calming skills. I employ these skills daily now and  the results on my quality of life have been immeasurable” 


I am fortunate to work with people of all ages and backgrounds. I see most of my clients in my spaces in Buffalo and East Aurora, but also do coaching over the phone. I rely on my strong education in Psychosynthesis,Integral Coaching and my intuitive and energy healing skills to guide, support and empower my clients particularly during times of transition, crisis and reorientation. I follow up each session with an e-mail with recommendations  for practices and remedies. To schedule a 10 minute phone call to find out more and to explore if my work is a good fit for you please text me at 716 6018244.

I look forward to speak to you!



Sea Studio, 238 Lexington Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222

Healing Waters, 542 Quaker Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052

Phone: WhatsApp,FaceTime, Phone

 Coaching for stress reduction,during times of transition, crisis and reorientation.

Some stress is part of life, but many of us feel burdened by too many responsibilities and live in a state of constant hurry and overwhelm. This affects our health and our quality of life. Our life also inevitably presents us with unexpected challenges and times of confusion and disorientation. Particularly during those times working with a coach can be a life changing support in creating spaces for exploration, clarity and healing and embarking on a new direction in our lives. Through a tailored approach for YOU and the “prescription” of specific mindfulness practices  and remedies destined to  infuse your life  with new energy and inspiration you will find  the  ” Sacred Wellness Grove” a space that is nurturing, transformative and vibrant. The analysis of astrological transits is an added tool that I will draw from if desiderd. I hold a deep respect and awe for the human potential for healing and growth. Healing  our precious planet starts by healing ourselves and as we grow and heal all our relations benefit from our work. Recommended time frame: 4 months of weekly or monthly sessions.

Support materials: Practice Instructions in the forms of handouts and audio recordings are accessible on the password protected resources page. $75 one hour coaching


Highly Sensitive Coaching:

As a highly sensitive person your feelings are more intense, your nervous system is often drained  and you are overwhelmed by too much stimulation. Because less than 20% of the population has this trait you may feel often isolated and misunderstood. This trait (defined by Dr. Orin in 1996) also come with many blessings if it is skillfully handled. As a Highly sensitive person myself I will assist you in exploring what contemplative tools you may use to better handle this trait and to discover it’s blessings. I have delved into this subject and have studied this trait in depth and have worked with many clients with the trait and have seen wonderful results as they have acknowledged and embraced their sensitivity and validated their specific needs.

Support materials: Practice Instructions in the forms of handouts and audio recordings are accessible on the password protected resources page.

$75 one hour coaching

Integral Coaching

Integral Coaching is a powerful coaching journey that comes with a full program designed specifically for you.

In this coaching modality I assist you in identifying and articulating your values and how to manifest them in a more tangible way. Powerful questions, deep listening and designing a specific program of practices uniquely for you to support you throughout the process of expanding your awareness and growth makes this work particularly effective. You will be able to discover and cultivate new options and capacities through the unique work of integral coaching. This particular approach to coaching is based on philosopher Ken Wilber’s work and is known as one of the most powerful integrated, in-depth and advanced approaches to human development. What you will learn: after each session you will be given a set of practices ranging from reflections, meditation practices, Yoga postures or reading assignments to support your intention. Support materials: Practice Instructions in the forms of handouts and audio recordings are accessible on the password protected resources page.

Who can benefit:
If you are:
– seeking support, inspiration, and clarity when going through a life transition

– feel stuck in habitual patterns and would like grow and evolve
– are faced with challenges in professional or personal life and are looking for healthy and creative ways to meet them
– feel you are not living in alignment with what is important to you

– would like to be more creative
– would like to be able to draw more from your inner resources through contemplative practices

$95 per session or $650 for 8 prepaid sessions.

Integral Coaching sessions are 1hr long and are followed by a detailed e-mail with a personalized program design. A sequence of 6 – 8 sessions over 4-5 months is usually recommended. To explore and clarify a direction and resolution in times of transition a one-time 90 minute session is also available.

Please e-mail Felicitasherenow@gmail.com to set up a 15 min phone appointment to answer your questions and explore if Integral coaching is the right fit for you.

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” Through my coaching work with Felicitas I have learned to be a friend to myself: to allow self-compassion and to accept myself as I am, warts and all. This softening has caused a profound rippling effect in my life and a seismic shift in the way I perceive myself and my place in the world. I am now able to see myself objectively: I recognize the unconscious defenses and habitual behaviors that once served me but now, in fact, hold me back from engaging with life. With her ever-present sensitivity, humor, compassion, and non-judgment, Felicitas has skillfully challenged me to change my habitual patterns and venture outside my comfort zone. I now know that a whole world of possibility and growth awaits. My coaching journey has been transformative. Thank you, Felicitas ! “ Susan W.

“Since I have began working with Felicitas I see the world and myself in it through completely different eyes. I have learned so much, mostly about myself. Felicitas guided me so gracefully to help me see that I have everything within me that I need. Her guidance was tailored specifically to me, giving me the tools I needed to break through barriers that I didn’t even realize I had built. This has truly been a life changing experience for me. I have found what I was looking for years, and I didn’t know what I was looking for until I found it. Thank You.” Lisa S.

“I so appreciated that you were supportive, and that I never felt diminished or judged by you. Your insight were always “spot on”, and you were able to hone in on what the true issues were. You’re kindness and acceptance were very healing for me. You have a gift for looking inside someone’s Heart/soul and seeing and sensing what’s going on there.The experience exceeded my expectations in all ways.I loved the “spirit guides” that you gave me. It was something concrete for me to use when I was having trouble to changing my perspective. You also gave me hope, and helped me to accept my situation  as it is, and find the positives in that.I would definitely recommend Integral Coaching to others, perhaps even more than traditional counseling.I would say that the experience blends the concrete practicality of cognitive behavioral therapy and the spirituality/ emotional support that I have not experienced anywhere else, that has helped me start to recover some joy in my life, even though things are far from perfect.” Karin M.


” As you ring,what batters you becomes your strength.
 Move back and forth into the change.
What is it like, such intensity of pain?
If the drink is bitter, turn yourself to wine”

( from the Sonnets to Orpheus II, 29)        Rainer Maria Rilke