Sacred Wellness Grove in
San Miguel De Allende, MX

“Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to look at your life from a different perspective. Being in a new and different environment can allow for new awareness and insights. You reconnect with yourself, sometimes in ways you haven’t for years. Retreats are different from holidays or travel. They are more of a sacred  space, offering a safe zone for you to rest, refresh, explore and re–set your inner compass.” 

Mindfulness Emotional Intelligence & Embodiment Group  Retreat

Group retreat ( limited to 8 participants )  

at  magical Rancho del Sol Dorado
San Miguel Allende, Mexico 
Friday 2/14 to Sunday 2/23/2020 ( Friday & Sunday are traveling days)

Details TBA shortly.

Personalized Retreats with Felicitas 

 Booking now for March & April 2020 

Retreats at Sacred Wellness Grove San Miguel  are uniquely tailored to the needs of each guest and typically include yoga, meditation, coaching and healing energy sessions with Felicitas. You can experience a retreat with your spouse or partner, son or daughter, mother or father, sister or brother, a good friend, or simply by yourself! Casita Tibet can accommodate two people sharing one bedroom, or two separate bedrooms.

Guests can explore options such as:

  • Taking time to learn or deepen contemplative practices, while at the same time discovering the magic and beauty of the unique town of San Miguel.
  • Exploring the next phase of life with meditation, yoga/qi kung instruction, and energy healing; all with the support of an experienced coach.
  • Traveling solo, navigating a new town and culture that offers welcoming support, with time to focus on learning and deepening contemplative practices.
  • Having experienced a transition in life and feeling the need for time away to rest, regroup, and seek inspiration. 

A stay at Sacred Wellness Grove San Miguel, along with the support of Felicitas, can allow for all of this!

You will have an opportunity to discuss your vision for your time away beforehand, by phone or in person (if in WNY) during two meetings and/or phone calls. During the first 30 minute conversation, you will explore whether a retreat at Sacred Wellness Grove San Miguel is a good fit for your needs. An additional conversation will take place once you book, during which time details will be finalized.

Sacred Wellness Grove San Miguel is located in the town of San Miguel de Allende, a magical town located at the heart of Mexico, in the state of Guanajuato.

At 6000 feet of elevation, it has an ideal climate of dry heat during the day and fresh temperatures during the night. Designated as a UNESCO Heritage Site, San Miguel de Allende is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Mexico and in the world. It is a place of inspiration and refuge for artists, seekers and adventurers.

Sacred Wellness Grove is on the ground floor of a two story building. It has two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and kitchen. Every room has windows or glass doors leading onto a lovely patio with a fountain, traditional adobe oven and lush plants. The casita is walking distance to the center of town and no car is required to get to all major sites of San Miguel.

Felicitas’s family living quarters are on the second floor of the same building, with a separate entrance, creating privacy for each casita. This allows Felicitas to be available, on site, during retreats.

The cost of retreats depends on the specific needs and wishes of each guest. You can choose from a basic version, to a full support retreat.

Retreats are usually for 7 days, 8 nights, with the capacity for 1 to 2 people.
(Booking now for the period between 7/20 and 8/30 2019)

Best airports to fly into: Leon/BJX (one hour-15 minute drive to San Miguel) or Mexico City/MEX (3-hour drive to San Miguel). Very reasonable shuttle services are available for both airports through Vaijes San Miguel. Contact directly, with your flight information at:

 Email Felicitas to schedule a consultation  at:


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“I want to first thank you for your openness to receive me at Sacred wellness Grove San Miguel. I did, in fact, gain enormous insight into the recipes for a calm and insightful heart and mind. Since arriving home I have incorporated what we discussed and integrated these insights into my daily life. I will deepen these understandings with further introspection and practice. San Miguel is magical! Guided by your compassionate coaching and nurtured by the welcoming environment of SWGSM I have come back home with much more peace in my heart.” – K. Trent – August 2018


I stayed at Sacred Wellness Grove San Miguel in March 2019. Beyond the comfortable accommodation and the tranquil courtyard that was medicine for the senses, I found it ideal to be able to walk to all the places I wanted to visit. But mostly, I found the immersive coaching environment that Felicitas created to be uniquely generous, trustworthy, and replenishing.  It was an experience I highly recommend. Mary Stacey, Toronto

“Coming back from a week-long retreat with Felicitas in San Miguel de Allende , I bring home a newly-found sense of embodiment and spiritual awareness. From the personalized week of activities and practices, to the one-on-one commitment that Felicitas offers – this was a retreat like no other. Each day was grounded in yoga and meditation and progressed to the type of day I wished to have – a history tour of beautiful San Miguel; trying out my beginner’s Spanish in the markets; or a truly transformative experience at a local sweat lodge. This was an experience that awakened all senses – from the sounds and extraordinary people of the city to the abundant beauty of nature everywhere I looked. Having the entire floor of a beautiful and charming casita, falling asleep to the sounds of the fountain each night, just brought each amazing day to a perfect close. The time that Felicitas spent with me each day, whether pointing out one beautiful area after another throughout the city or providing intensive coaching or energy work, was well beyond what I expected. I joked with Felicitas before I left that what I was looking for, in my time there. was transformation – a lot to ask in one week. But it is exactly what I bring back. To be in Felicitas’ presence is to instantly feel more grounded and present – and I remain committed to maintaining the spaciousness for new experience, that she has helped to uncover.  “

Dr. J.H.


” As you ring,what batters you becomes your strength.
 Move back and forth into the change.
What is it like, such intensity of pain?
If the drink is bitter, turn yourself to wine”

( from the Sonnets to Orpheus II, 29)        Rainer Maria Rilke