Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to look at your life from a different perspective. Being in a new and different environment can allow for new awareness and insights. You reconnect with yourself, sometimes in ways you haven’t for years. Retreats are different from holidays or travel. They are more of a sacred space, offering a safe zone for you to rest, refresh, explore and re–set your inner compass.”

  • Retreats at Sacred Wellness Grove San Miguel are uniquely tailored to the needs of each guest and typically include yoga, meditation, coaching and healing energy sessions with Felicitas. You can experience a retreat with your spouse or partner, son or daughter, mother or father, sister or brother, a good friend, or simply by yourself! Sacred Wellness Grove Casita can accommodate two people sharing one bedroom, or two separate bedrooms. Guests can explore options such as:
  • Taking time to learn or deepen contemplative practices, while at the same time discovering the magic and beauty of the unique town of San Miguel.
  • Exploring the next phase of life with meditation, yoga/qi kung instruction, and energy healing; all with the support of an experienced coach.
  • Traveling solo, navigating a new town and culture that offers welcoming support, with time to focus on learning and deepening contemplative practices.
  • Having experienced a transition in life and feeling the need for time away to rest, regroup, and seek inspiration.

A stay at Sacred Wellness Grove San Miguel, along with the support of Felicitas, can allow for all of this! More information about my retreats click here.