Over the last few months I have delved into Energy Healing, both as a client and as a student and this became a very powerful  experience for my growth and health. I felt a deep shift: much unnecessary baggage, debris and weight in my energy body was gradually cleared and removed through this work (particularly as a highly sensitive I absorb energy around me). Since starting this journey I have started to feel so much lighter and unencumbered and the sense of deep seated fatigue that I had felt over the last few years literally dissolved. I got to experience that healing shifts only happen when we address all the layers of our being: mental, physical, emotional AND energetic. I was so impressed with this shift that I decided to study energy healing more in depth and will be able offer this work as an adjunct to my coaching practice starting this fall.


This healing process has  also motivated me to create a name for what I do:
Sacred Wellness Grove.
This name emerged from spending time in the many beautiful forests around WNY and in a special grove of Norway spruce tress, where I feel a sense of incredible peace and belonging.


On another note:
I have been struggling with the word “retirement.” As I am out and about in Buffalo and East Aurora, I very often run into patrons of Healing Waters who will inevitably ask me how “Retirement” is going for me since selling Healing Waters…….. I think the word “retirement” needs to be, well, retired!

I see so many people older than 50 delving into wonderful and interesting new projects in so many fields and in such an inspiring and thoughtful way that I think the mindset of “retiring”  is simply not as present as it may have been a decade ago. In fact according to a report by Paychex, the number of entrepreneurs over age 50 is surging in the US and has increased by 50 percent since 2007. Another research indicates that people over 50 have more innovation potential than a 25-year-old. So, together with many other people my age, I have NOT retired, but rather I feel that I have “evolved.”

Yes, I sold my business, but my love has always been in teaching, coaching and healing work and I am now able to invest my energy and time into what I love, and to build on what I have l have learnt and practiced for decades. Some of this has come into fruition as I have finished to write 100+ page syllabus for the MaLa Mindfulness Facilitator training, which I am teaching currently in Buffalo, together with my colleagues and friends, Niki and Craig. My work as a Mindfulness Teacher continues to grow: places where I teach include the Rath building, for the employees of Erie county, the County Supervisor Training courses at the Training tower in Cheektowaga, at Roswell Park, at the downtown Erie County Public Library and for Sacra which is part of the Albright Knox Innovation Lab and Assembly House 150 collaboration project. I am also continuing to teach Yoga ,Mindfulness and Stress Reduction at Healing Waters and I am deeply committed to my growing coaching clientele both in Buffalo and East Aurora. I also have held my first personalized Transition retreat this last August in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico which I will continue to offer during August every year.

So to all those evolving humans out there – go for it, whatever age you are! And the next time you run into me can you please ask me how I am evolving and tell me how you are evolving, rather than how “my retirement” is going …that would be so cool.           THANK YOU!