My intention in facilitating a Yoga practice is to create a space where participants can drop into a place of inner stillness and deep listening.

What do we listen to? Only in silence the many inner voices that form the background to our constant mental chatter become more clearly audible. In stillness we can pull through the entangled branches of the dense forest of our mind and create a space where more clarity arises and receive the gift of unexpected insights and answers to questions that carry within.

A fertile Yoga practice brings about the right ingredients to discover our intuitive voice and the gifts of our body. We are able to shift our breath, soften tense muscles, calm an over- aroused nervous system and therefore liberate vital energy as we drop into a posture for a while. Knots in our muscles, connective tissues and in the rigidity of our habitual mind patterns get released. What emerges as we let go into stillness and silence are vibrant and fresh physical, energetic and mind spaces full of new possibilities.

In my own practice I have recently discovered a deep well of appreciation for my body. It feels curious that in this stage of my life when in terms of performance and fitness I am way beyond my peak, my hair is grey and my body is undeniably aging I have found love and gratitude for my body just as it is. There is a freedom in aging and being able to look back on the trajectory of our lives and tasting the sweet and gentle quality of acceptance and gratitude for all the gift and struggles that we have been presented with and have miraculously survived.

The daily practice of the Hawaiian practice of H’oponopono has helped me to infuse my body with loving energy. The practice consists of offering love and forgiveness to all the parts of ourselves that we are rejecting by repeating these 4 phrases as a mantra:
I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

As we practice regularly our cells start to soak these qualities in and we get a glimpse of what the “bliss body” is , a natural progression of a committed Yoga practice. In Yoga anatomy we have five bodies ( koshas) the physical, energy, mind, wisdom and bliss body. The ” bliss body” tastes sweet and has no regrets, does not reject anything and embraces all from a place of love and forgiveness.

Wishing you utter sweetness in your practice!