A clear space is fresh, receptive and open. At our core we all have that inner brightness that brings these qualities forth, but that inner light gets obscured by the accumulated clutter of incessant thinking, attachment to suffering and negative views. When we draw from our contemplative practices we can clear our inner spaces and invite these qualities of freshness and openness more and more into every moment rather than always falling into our ” story of suffering” and acting from that place.
As we commit to a contemplative practice these fresh qualities become more and more the gravity that move the needle of our inner compass and our life naturally becomes more intentional.

A regular embodiment and stilling the mind practice are the foundations of an intentional life: when we train our mind to become quiet through practice we can more clearly see the limitations of our habitual mind patterns, through embodiment practices we create a deeper attunement to the needs and states of our bodies and we can therefore tend to our well-being more skillfully.

Our lives are not predictable and organized to always stay the course of a daily ” clearing” practice. Times of chaos, uncertainty, illness or overwhelming responsibilities pull us away from our commitment to a formal practice. When we are in survival mode we may not have the funds, time and energy to cultivate the qualities that we want to manifest.

It is important to remember:
• Don’t give up on your practice, even if you have not practiced for a while
• Allow yourself to start again and again without guilt
• forgive yourself and others

If you cultivate and stick to a daily practice when your life is relatively stable and the sailing is fairly clear, you can then, when the sea gets rough, have the pull of the anchors of the foundations of your practice that will keep you from getting too far off course and dim your inner light.

If during this holiday season you have been pulled in all kind of directions, have dropped your practice, eaten too many sweets and yelled at your mom, take a deep breath, shake your body, let it all go, step out in the fresh snow and shower yourself with the crisp winter air, feel the warmth around your beating heart ,conjure all the love you have and simply recommit to what is important to you and go about it in your most gentle way.

Wishing you much love, clarity and inspiration in 2019 and hope to see you in one of the upcoming classes.

With love,
from the Sacred Wellness Grove