Sea Studio, 238 Lexington Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222
Healing Waters, 542 Quaker Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052
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 Current courses  are ending  early July. The  fall 2109 schedule will be posted in July.


Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Courses

In this powerful course you will learn contemplative practices from the fields of Mindfulness, Yoga and Psychosynthesis to change your stress patterns and bring more balance, awareness and intentionality to your life.


Mindfulness Stress Reduction:  STARTS  TBA
Mondays 7:00-8:30pm    ( 6 weeks)

Intro to Mindfulness ( Yoga and Meditation 101) STARTS 
Mondays 5:00-6:15pm (6 weeks) TBA

The Alchemy of Contemplative Living: STARTS  TBA
Tuesdays 7:00 – 9:00 pm ( 8 weeks)

Please register at  info@CenterAtHealingwaters.com and confirm starting dates/price at www.CenterAtHealingWaters.com

Yoga Classes:

I teach Yoga at Healing Waters, 542 Quaker Road, East Aurora, NY

Mondays 9:30am Open All Level MaLa Yoga
Tuesdays 5:30pm Open Yin Mindfulness Yoga 

My intention in facilitating a Yin Yoga practice is to create a space where participants can drop into a place of inner stillness and deep listening. What do we listen to ? Only in silence the many inner voices that form the background to our constant mental chatter become more clearly audible. In stillness we can pull through the entangled branches of the dense forest of our mind and create a space where more clarity arises and receive the gift of unexpected insights and answers to questions that carry within. A fertile Yoga practice brings about the right ingredients to discover our intuitive voice and the gifts of our body. We are able to shift our breath, soften tense muscles, calm an over- aroused nervous system and therefore liberate vital energy. Knots in our muscles, connective tissues and in the rigidity of our habitual mind patterns get released as we drop in a posture for a while. What emerges as we let go into stillness and silence  are vibrant and fresh physical, energetic and mind spaces full of new possibilities and deep healing.

In a  MaLa Yoga class we move through a well rounded Yin and Yang practice and I dedicate a segment to Chi Kung inspired movements to cultivate fluidity and a s counterpoint to Asanas, which tend to be more structured and muscular.

My Tibetan Singing bowls come with me wherever I teach: their sounds are a powerful way to impact and awaken our energy centers during a Yoga practice when our subtle body is more receptive to  healing and balancing. The chant ” Om Sarvesham” I sing at the end of each class is meant to spread the benefits of our practice to all sentient beings.

Please email  me at Felicitasherenow@gmail.com if you have further questions.

Highly Sensitive Workshops

The discovery that I am a highly sensitive person (HSP), and that the particular way that my nervous system is wired requires a strong attention to stress management, was life changing and motivates me to reach out and work with this population. As I have delved deeper into the study of this trait and worked with many clients who are highly sensitive  I have found many new layers of how this trait manifests in challenging and wonderful ways. About 20% of the population is highly sensitive, a trait described in the work of Dr. Orin who named this trait in her ground breaking work ”The highly sensitive person,” published in 1996. In my workshops for highly sensitive people I offer a set of contemplative tools and insights to recognize, negotiate and appreciate this trait. I feel that the voice of the highly sensitive person offers a very important contribution in the healing and evolving process of re-balancing a culture that it is out of balance. Part of my work is to bring validation and space to that voice.





I am a member of the faculty for the  Mindfulness Facilitator Training  and the Training to become a certified Yoga Teacher. If you are interested in taking your practice further and deeper and share it with others  you may want to consider taking one of these trainings. Please reach out if you have questions and want to explore tis opportunity further. For more information:

100 hr MaLa Mindfulness Facilitator Training Teacher. Visit www.MaLaEducation.org

Healing Waters 200 hr Yoga Teacher  2019 Training Teacher. Visit www.CenterAtHealingWaters.com

Registration & Payment

To register for a workshop please go to the connect page on this website and pay the workshop’s fee through Paypal. Spaces are limited  and registration needs to be done before the workshop.If you have the Wellness benefit through Blue Cross and Blue Shield a course may be covered by BCBS. I am an official BCBS Wellness provider. Please call BCBS directly to find out if you have the wellness benefit. You will have to fill out a form to sign up through BCBS. Please let me know and I will e-mail you the required form. Thank you.

Move a muscle, change a feeling….